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Continuous Improvement in Animal Care

By Roxy Helman - February 13, 2020

As part of their continuous improvement efforts, UDA member, Stotz Dairy participated in a Low Energy Animal Handling (LEAH) training offered through Elanco Animal Health.

Curd is the Word!

By UDA - October 15, 2019

National Cheese Curd Day is October 15 Crazy for curds? Lucky for us, UDA makes it easy to enjoy cheese curds throughout the year! Milk n More opened in 2003 and has been making cheese curds since 2009 and has proven to be a customer favorite and best-selling item.

UDA and FrieslandCampina Partner in Dairy Ingredients

By Roxy Helman - October 01, 2019

For Immediate Release                                                                                      10/01/19                  Contact: Roxy Helman Email: Rhelman@udaz.org United Dairymen of Arizona and Netherlands based Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. will start a joint venture for the...

Activity Monitors Help Keep Our Cows Healthy

By UDA - August 07, 2019

Tracking fitness is a trend that continues to rise, with about 14 million Fitbit devices being sold in 2018. The opportunity to track fitness goals, heart rate and sleep patterns is appealing to many people as part of efforts to monitor overall health, and now farmers are taking advantage of this...

Caring for Cows: Calf Edition, Part 2- Group Housing

By UDA - August 02, 2019

Before a heifer calf grows up to be a cow in the milking herd, she will be taken care of for two years either on-farm or on a calf ranch. These little ladies are fed a nutritious diet starting with colostrum to help build their immune systems. They then move on to milk and hay. 

Caring for Cows: Calf Edition- Part 1

By UDA - July 24, 2019

Calves are the future of any dairy, which is why providing  the very best care for them is top priority at every farm.

Cutting the Cheese for a Decade!

By Roxy Helman - July 21, 2019

On this day in 2009 our cheese plant made it's first batch of cheese! Since then, millions of pounds of fresh Arizona milk have created many types of delicious cheeses. Normally, cheese heads from Wisconsin only visit Arizona in the winter. We are glad they 'didn't melt' in the Arizona heat to...

Fun Facts About Cows

By Roxy Helman - July 15, 2019

Everyone knows that cows give us milk which makes all our favorite foods, like cheese, yogurt, ice cream etc. but did you know some of these fun facts about cows...

All About Arizona Corn Harvest

By Roxy Helman - July 10, 2019

July in Arizona means corn harvest for our dairy farmers. Long days are spent harvesting hundreds of acres to prepare feed for the future.

Celebrate ice cream days the right way!

By UDA - July 02, 2019

Big news here! Not only is it NATIONAL ICE CREAM MONTH, but there are NATIONAL DAYS in July that celebrate ice cream too! With so many reasons to get the latest scoop this month, it’s no wonder that when “you scream, I scream,” we ALL end up screaming for ice cream.