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Roxy Helman

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Four Ways That Farmers are Awesome

By Roxy Helman - March 23, 2021

How much do you use agriculture in your every day life? Beyond food products, agriculture provides almost everything we eat, use and wear on a daily basis.

No Tricks Here! Cows Eat Pumpkins.

By Roxy Helman - October 31, 2020

Did you know? Cows are natural recyclers and can eat food that would typically end up as waste? Dairy cows thrive on parts of plants that humans can’t eat, even if we wanted to.

Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2020

By Roxy Helman - September 15, 2020

This week, United Dairymen of Arizona, along with the entire trucking industry, celebrates the millions of professional truck drivers who deliver America's food and goods every day.

How Does Milk Get From the Farm to Your Table?

By Roxy Helman - April 15, 2020

With all the disruptions in our lives lately, people have been asking great questions about the dairy supply chain. When you grab that gallon off the shelf, how much work went into getting it there?

Why Are Dairy Farmers Dumping Milk?

By Roxy Helman - April 04, 2020

The nation is watching as farmers make the heart breaking decision to dump their milk. Just like any other ‘crop’ in agriculture, there are blood, sweat, and tears involved in running a farm. Probably more tears this week.

From Brew To Moo!

By Roxy Helman - February 15, 2020

Ever wonder what happens to the shell (hull) from that bag of almonds you bought to snack on, or the beets after being broken down to make a bag of sugar for baking? The process of making the food we enjoy can lead to by-products that, although full of nutrients are inedible to humans, so are...

Continuous Improvement in Animal Care

By Roxy Helman - February 13, 2020

As part of their continuous improvement efforts, UDA member, Stotz Dairy participated in a Low Energy Animal Handling (LEAH) training offered through Elanco Animal Health.

UDA and FrieslandCampina Partner in Dairy Ingredients

By Roxy Helman - October 01, 2019

For Immediate Release                                                                                      10/01/19                  Contact: Roxy Helman Email: Rhelman@udaz.org United Dairymen of Arizona and Netherlands based Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. will start a joint venture for the...

Cutting the Cheese for a Decade!

By Roxy Helman - July 21, 2019

On this day in 2009 our cheese plant made it's first batch of cheese! Since then, millions of pounds of fresh Arizona milk have created many types of delicious cheeses. Normally, cheese heads from Wisconsin only visit Arizona in the winter. We are glad they 'didn't melt' in the Arizona heat to...

Fun Facts About Cows

By Roxy Helman - July 15, 2019

Everyone knows that cows give us milk which makes all our favorite foods, like cheese, yogurt, ice cream etc. but did you know some of these fun facts about cows...